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The Chinese Five Arts

A Brief Introduction


Welcome to the home of the Feng Shui Connoisseur !

Feng Shui Connoisseur (FSC) is dedicated to the appreciation, study, techniques and practice of traditional Chinese metaphysical Five Arts (五术). The Chinese Five Arts is a term commonly used to describe the body of knowledge that encompasses the study, practice and research of the arts and science of the Chinese Metaphysics.

The Chinese Five Arts are Mountain (山 Shan), Medicine ( 医 Yi), Destiny (命 Ming), Divination (卜 Pu) and Forms ( 相 Xiang). Below are some of the common arts under each of the five categories:

1) Art of Mountain ( 山 )

- Tonic (补药), Diet (饮食) and Healing (治疗)

- Meditation (静坐)

- Study of Dao Philosophy (老子思想与哲学)

- Pugilistic Exercises (拳法)

- Talisman and Charms (符咒)

2) Art of Medicine ( 医 )

- Tradition Chinese Medicine (中医学)

- Mental or Spiritual Therapy ( 心理治疗)

3) Art of Destiny ( 命 )

- Four Pillars of Destiny or Bazi (四柱八字)

- Emperor Star Astrology or Zi Wei Dou Shu (紫微斗数)


4) Art of Divination ( 卜 )

- Yi Jing Divination (易经占卜)

- Liu Yao (六爻断法 )

- Qi Men Dun Jia Divination (奇门遁甲占卜)

- Mei Hua Yi Shu (梅花易数)

5) Art of Forms ( 相 )

- Feng Shui (风水) or Geomancy (地理学)

- Face Reading (面相)

- Palmistry (手相)

There is an old saying that anyone who can master all the disciplines under the Five Arts 五术 will become a sage 圣 and will attain immortality 不朽 or live to a ripe old age. The logic behind this is each art takes many years of hard work to learn and master; by the time all five arts can be mastered, the person would have already been an old man. In recent years, the arts that are slowly gaining popularity are fengshui 风水 and astrology 命理学 , in addition to tradition Chinese medicine 中医学 and pugilistic exercises like Qigong 气功 and Taichi Chuan 太极拳.

We hope Feng Shui Connoisseur (FSC) will be able to give you a better insight to Chinese metaphysics if this is your first encounter in these esoteric subjects.


With Love & Gratitude,

Feng Shui Connoisseur


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