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About Us

Who We Are.


I am a practitioner of traditional metaphysical arts who has studied and learned from various Chinese metaphysics masters, books and other sources. I am based in Singapore.



Being a connoisseur of Chinese Metaphysics, I constantly seek good information and teachers with practical real world experience to learn and upgrade my knowledge and skills. In this profession, there are many theories and practices taught by many masters but one has to have a sharp eye to discern the fake from the real in order to learn from the best!

Some of the feng shui systems I have researched include Zibai, Sanhe, Qian Kun Guo Bao (Longmen Ba Da Ju), Xuan Kong Dagua (Yigua), Xuan Kong Liufa, Jiuxing, Bazhai, Xuan Kong Fei Xing, Qimen Fengshui, External and Internal Luantou.

I am a student of Master Peter Leung of from Canada.

I apply Master Leung's unique practical brand of feng shui using simple original solutions that works for both me and my clients. Master Leung has a long history of practical experience and has researched deeply into the various Chinese metaphysical arts. Therefore it is my privilege that I am able to learn from him.

Master Peter Leung and Cyril Quah




Recently in January 2010, I was introduced to a good Qi Men Dun Jia master by the name of Ye Pei Ming Ҷ from China's Guang Dong Province. He is the author of the book T\g, published in 2008. Master Ye had spent more than half his life studying and practising Qi Men Dun Jia.

I have the honour to dedicated a Chinese section ׯŶݼ in my website for Master Ye to share some of his interesting articles on QMDJ.



With Love & Gratitude,




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