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22nd May 2009


Why XKDG is a Superior System



This article came about as I was having a private email correspondence with a fellow fengshui acquaintance discussing about Xuan Kong Da Gua 玄空大卦 (XKDG). I thought I might as well take this opportunity to write my thoughts on why I think Xuan Kong Da Gua is a far better system compared to other Feng Shui systems or schools.

先天為體, 後天為用” is a very common phrase used when talking about feng shui. It literally means “Early Heaven is the Body and Later Heaven is the Application”. This is why most feng shui systems use the Later Heaven Bagua for their feng shui applications and theories. When people said feng shui originates from the Yijing 易經, I always tend to agree, specifically when they meant Li Qi 理氣 feng shui rather than Luan Tou 巒頭 or Xing Fa 形法 feng shui.

In Yi Gua 易卦 feng shui, specifically Xuan Kong Da Gua (XKDG), the Early Heaven and Later Heaven “先天為體, 後天為用” concept is the core fundamental principles that it relies on. Unlike other feng shui systems where there is a need to refer to “physical objects” like need to see a mountain here or want water flowing out there, etc in order to conform to their theories, XKDG totally embodies the entire concept of Early Heaven and Later Heaven into a holistically integrated manner, using Yijing 易經 hexagrams and trigrams as the foundation source principles.

The theories of Feng Shui Yi is not something physical but something of a higher realm - symbolic and virtual at the same time. It is based on the universal theory of constant change. This Yi is not the Yi that Confucius wrote about in the Yijing 易經. This Confucius Yi is basically talking about philosophy on how a gentleman 君子 should behave in society. This is “Yi with Words”.

The Yi that XKDG uses is “Yi without Words”; it is about using the numerology of Early Heaven (Hetu 河图) and Later Heaven (Luoshu 洛書) symbols and images in the theories, integrating it with the concept of time using 60 JiaZi 甲子, Yin Yang 陰陽, Five Elements 五行 in a constantly changing manner. Because of this, XKDG can be used for both Yin House and Yang House feng shui as well as high-rise apartments and single storey houses. It is also not constrained by the physical proximity of Earthly Qi or Heavenly Qi to the house or grave. In terms of precision, XKDG can be applied to a direction of 0.9375 degree (384 yao) refinement, as opposed to other systems of 45 degrees (8 trigrams), 30 degrees (twin mountain), 15 degrees (24 mountains), 6 degrees (60 dragons), 5 degrees (72 dragons) or 3 degrees (120 dragons). For Date Selection 擇日, XKDG is also applicable using the same basic principles. In another words, XKDG is a complete system by itself.

Although I am advocating that XKDG is a superior system, I do not imply that other feng shui systems or schools are no good. Nothing is perfect in this world but some things are just better than others. I use it as my primary system and also incorporate other systems into my practice.

That’s all I have to share about XKDG here.


By Cyril Quah

"The Feng Shui Connoisseur"

May 22, 2009

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