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27th September 2009


The 12 Life Stages in Bazi

Relative Strength of the 12 Stages


There had been many articles and literature written about the 12-Life Stages or 12 Qi Phase 十二長生 in the various arts of Chinese Metaphysics. These literatures usually describe the characteristics of each stage or phase and explain how it relates to the life cycle of a person. In this short article, I will share some of the not so common aspects about 12-Life Stages relating to the 4 pillars of destiny or Bazi, which I think is not commonly taught or explained clearly.

To recap, the 12-Life stages are Birth 長生, Bath 沐浴, Attire 冠帶, Official Appointment 臨官, Prosperity Peak 帝旺, Weakening , Sickness, Death , Tomb , Repose , Conception and Gestation .

In a Bazi chart, there is this 12-Life Stages 十二長生 that some software plots below each of the 4 pillars. There are two types. One with reference to the Day Master and also another with reference to the stem directly above it.

As seen from the chart above, each of the Life Stage is derived by comparing a stem with a branch in a typical manner as learned by most students of Bazi. If you are not familiar on how to derive the Life Stage for each stem, you can refer to the reference section of this site to find out the Life Stage of the 10 stems to the 12 branches or you can easily derive it by counting your fingers.

Other than representing the 12-Life Stage in the typical way by comparing the DM (Day Stem) to the branches or a stem to its branch directly below it, it can also be a comparison of any stem to any branch in the chart. For example, month stem to hour branch or hour stem to day branch. This will give you a representative view of the relative strength of the particular stem to the referenced branch below. This is specially useful in shifting palace or shifting star method when analysing chart.

Finally, what is the “strength” of each of the 12 Life Stage?

The answer is shown below in this diagram. The strength shown is relative and is divided into 5 levels. It gives you a more precise view on the comparative strength of each stage rather than just supportive or unsupportive based on the 5 element cycle.

The above diagram can be easily memorised if you give some serious thought to it because it actually makes sense. Do you agree?


By Cyril Quah

"The Feng Shui Connoisseur"

September 27, 2009

Copyright 2006 Feng Shui Connoisseur. All rights reserved.