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3rd November 2009


Xie Zi Fa 些子法

Relative Strength of the 12 Stages


Recently I received an email from a fellow practitioner who after reading my article on Hexagram Families, asked me more about Xie Zi Fa 些子法 and Xuan Kong Da Gua玄空大卦. It was a pleasant surprise to me that I receive his email, since he was a student or ex-student of a famous Xuan Kong Da Gua feng shui master from Malaysia.

Since I have briefly explained to him, I am going to take this opportunity in this article to share a little more information on this mysterious Xie Zi Fa 些子法 that people has recently started to take an interest in.

What is Xie Zi Fa? It is basically the “correct” techniques of applying San Yuan Xuan Kong feng shui. Techniques in San Yuan Xuan Kong feng shui have already been taught by many teachers in the market and there are many of such techniques out there already documented in books and the internet. The secret in applying Xie Zi Fa is in the ability to learn the various techniques and to differentiate the correct from the incorrect.

Xie Zi Fa basically consists of the following:

1. Forms Xie Zi 形勢些子
2. Structure Xie Zi 局法些子
3. Period Xie Zi 運法些子

Forms Xie Zi are techniques used in positioning the sitting and facing of Qi sources through the technique of Chou Yao Huan Xiang 抽爻換象. The degree of adjustment is small as a single yao line of the hexagram, which is 0.9375 degree. Another technique involves adjustment of two yao lines. Sitting and facing not only can be applied to house but also to incoming roads, beds, bedrooms, stoves, etc.

Structure Xie Zi are the techniques to analyse the different sectors of an area for auspiciousness or inauspiciousness with reference to the location of the water mouth 水口 or castle gate 城門 to fixed a structure.

Period Xie Zi is used in conjunction with Structure Xie Zi and is basically about using the right star for the right timing.

Xie Zi Fa is not exactly all about Xuan Kong Da Gua (XKDG) techniques although Xie Zi techniques are commonly applied when practicing XKDG. This may be why most people associate Xie Zi Fa with XKDG feng shui. In essence, Xie Zi Fa is not a school nor a system but a collection of specific techniques, when applied in a correct manner, will result in effective feng shui.

By Cyril Quah

"The Feng Shui Connoisseur"

November 3, 2009

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