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28th December 2009


QMDJ and Date Selection

Using QMDJ Date Selection for House Feng Shui


This is a short introduction on how you can use QMDJ for date selection when applying it for house feng shui. When picking a date for house feng shui purpose, it usually involves moving into the house, start of renovation, installing a door or stove, and installing fengshui cure or enhancement. Therefore, this article is talking about using the hour school 時家 of QMDJ for date selection.

When dealing with QMDJ, all the key focus components of the QMDJ chart are considered. They are the Jiugong 九宫 (excluding the center palace), the Bamen 八門, Jiuxing 九星,Tianpan 天盤, Dipan 地盤, Qiyi 奇儀 and Bashen 八神.

As far as the house is concerned, the key considerations are the house sitting and facing. You have to know which palace the sitting or facing mountain is located in order to match the selected date to a good QMDJ chart. For items like stove or door, use the facing instead of sitting. Other activities concerning the entire house, you can choose to use both sitting and facing of the house.

For any particular date and time, the palace where the house sitting and/or facing must have good Bamen 八門 such as the three auspicious Xiumen 休門, Shengmen 生門 and Kaimen 開門. These three doors must enhance 相生 (give birth to) or at least be on par 比和 (same element) with the palace where the sitting or facing mountain is located. Another consideration is that the sitting or facing palace Tianpan 天盤 Dipan 地盤 Qiyi 奇儀 must form an auspicious good structure 吉格.

Next, comes the Bashen 八神. The Zhifu 值符, Taiyin 太陰, Liuhe 六合, Jiudi 九地 and Jiutian 九天 are considered as auspicious gods to have in the sitting or facing palace. For bad gods such as Baihu 白虎 and Xuanwu 玄武 (Zhuque 朱雀) together good auspicious Bamen 八門 in the same palace are ?considered bad and should not be used.

Fanyin 反吟 and fuyin 伏吟 is always bad when it comes to Jiuxing 九星 and the Bamen 八門. Make sure they are not in their original home palace location or at the opposite of the home palace location. To avoid having fanyin 反吟 and fuyin 伏吟 chart, avoid using the six Jia 六甲 as the hour stem when plotting the QMDJ chart.

When it picking a date starting with the 4 pillars chart of the day and time, the focus elements are the day stem and hour stem. In QMDJ, the day stem represent the people in the house whereas the hour stem represent the house itself. Therefore these 2 stems must mutually enhance 相生 each other and must not control each other. It is still acceptable if the people (day stem) control the house (hour stem) but never let the house (hour stem) control the people (day stem), else it will be bad. This condition is also known as Wu Bu Yu Shi 五不遇時, which basically mean the hour stem must not be a Qi Sha 七殺 to the Day stem in Bazi terminology.

Finally, the sitting or facing mountain palaces and the day stem and hour stem represented in the palace must not be in Void 空亡.

With these simple guidelines outlined above, you should now be able to do your own date selection using QMDJ on your house, in addtion to other date selection techniques that you may already know. Good luck.

By Cyril Quah

"The Feng Shui Connoisseur"

December 28, 2009

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