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29th August 2010


Mangpai Bazi

What is their secrets?


Mangpai 盲派 bazi is a popular term for the blindman's school of bazi reading 盲派命理. It recently became the rage among Chinese Metaphysics bazi enthusiast when books on this school were published a few years ago by some Chinese practitioners from mainland China. The techniques were supposedly unique to blindmen who do bazi reading with uncanny accuracy. According these Mangpai books, these blind practitioners do not consider traditional Zi Ping concepts of day master being strong , weak or "follow the leader" 從格, useful god 用神, favourable/unfavourable elements 喜忌神, or chart categories 格局. They largely based on imagery , poems 口訣 and "special techniques" 斷命秘訣.

However, based on my understanding, the real mangpai practitioners actually uses traditional Zi Ping concepts of day master being strong, weak or "follow the leader", useful god, favourable/unfavourable elements, and chart categories, in addition to imagery and "special techniques". Collectively they are known as the three methods of Li Fa 理法 (theory method), Xiang Fa 象法 (imagery method) and Ji Fa 技法 (special techniques method). The traditional Zi Ping theories fall under the Li Fa 理法 method.

Contrary to popular beliefs, the fundamental technique of Li Fa 理法 as practised by the blindmen rely heavily on chart categories 格局. It was said the blindmen break down and classify all 4 pillars charts into about 120 categories. These 120 odd categories each already have its specific strong, weak, follow-type and useful god patterns pre-classified. All they do when these blindmen encounter a 4P chart is to match them into one of the 120 categories which they have to memorise and they supplement their reading using Xing Fa and Ji Fa. In this way, they are can be very fast and accurate in their reading. So now can you say determining the day master's strength and finding favourable/unfavourable elements are not important when reading bazi?

What are these 120 categories to classify bazi chart? This is their real secret of the blindmen.

By Cyril Quah

"The Feng Shui Connoisseur"

August 29, 2010

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