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6th September 2010


Strong or Weak Day Master

Where to look?


I noticed that most people had a hard time trying to determine the strength of Day Master (DM) in a bazi chart. There are many methods taught by masters, teachers and practitioners and many had differing views on how to properly determine or calculate Day Master's strength. Some uses complex mathematical formula using percentages to calculate the DM strength while others provide a simple rule-of-thumb guide. Nevertheless, learners of bazi will still be confused given the various options to choose.

In true mangpai's method, as I have described in my previous article, determining whether the Day Master is strong or weak is key in classifying the chart. If the strength is determined wrongly right from the start, then all the other elements in the chart will also be classified wrongly, leading to wrong chart interpretation - favourable elements will become unfavourable while unfavourable elements become favourable.

What I am trying to highlight in this article is not to teach you how to determine the strength of the Day Master but rather what not to consider when determining the strength. The strength of Day Master is determined only by looking at the 8 individual Chinese characters of the bazi chart ˂. It is through these standalone 8 characters that the strength can be determined via the 5 element cycle or 10 deities cycle plus the season of birth.

Yes, it is that simple.

There is no need to consider the individual relationships between the characters like clash, combination, penalty, harm, 12 Qi phases, etc. You only need to consider these relationships after you have determine the Day Master's strength. Once you have determine the Day Master's strength, whether strong, weak or follow type, you can then start to analyse if these relationships between characters are favourable or unfavourable to the Day Master or not.

I hope this little tip I am sharing here will help in clearing up much of your confusion, even if you think you are already very good in bazi.

By Cyril Quah

"The Feng Shui Connoisseur"

September 6, 2010

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