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4th September 2008


Bazhai or 8 Houses Setout

Four East Houses versus Four West Houses


On 31st August 2008, Howard Choy, Feng Shui Architect aka FSA posted in his blog an article titled Bazhai or Eight Houses Setout. In his article he described why the East Four Houses are located at Zhen (East), Li (South), Xun (SouthEast) and Kan (North), while the West Four Houses are located at Qian (NorthWest), Dui (West), Kun (SouthWest) and Gen (NorthEast).

Although his explanation seems logical from the Yin-Yang and Early/Late Heaven Bagua aspect, however I would like to present an alternative view here to explain for the assignment of the East Four and West Four Houses to the respective directions or Gua of the Bazhai Fengshui system.

Basically I believe the assignment is based on the birth cycle of the 5 Elements.

These 5 Elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood are divided into 2 groups. Water -> Wood -> Fire in East Group and Earth -> Metal in West group. Since there are a total of 8 directions in a Bagua or 8 Houses in the Bazhai system, the division of the two group consists of a nicely balanced 4 Houses in each group.

The following diagram below shows my explanation for the setout of the East Four House and West Four House based on the Bazhai Fengshui System.


By Cyril Quah

"The Feng Shui Connoisseur"

September 4, 2008

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