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Critical Thinking


This section is where I document my research findings, my learning and my thoughts on how I view and approach Chinese Metaphysical subjects. Part of my inspiration for writing these articles is attributed to my Sifu, Master Peter Leung whom I remembered vaguely these words he once told me: "Don't believe everything you hear from people; don't believe everything, any books you've read; don't believe everything your teachers have taught you and don't believe everything I said. Go practise and test it out for yourself to find out what is right and what is wrong. Experience is your best teacher."

Happy learning and may the Qi be with you....


1. What is Qi?

2. Xuan Kong Liu Fa - A Short Introduction on XKLF Theories and Principles

3. What is Qi? (Part 2)

4. Long Shan Xiang Shui Yi Gua Chun Qing

5. Qi Zhen Ba Fa (8 Strange Behaviour of the Luopan Needle)

6. Late Rat Hour in Bazi Chart

7. Construction vs Move-in Date in Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui

8. Heavenly Qi and Earthly Qi

9. Bazhai or 8 Houses Setout

10. What is Qi Men Dun Jia (QMDJ)?

11. QMDJ and Feng Shui

12. QMDJ and Finding the Ju

13. How to plot a QMDJ Chart

14. Why XKDG is a Superior System

15. Introduction to San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia

16. Hexagram Families

17. Hexagram Element and Period

18. The Importance of Bazi Root

19. The 12-Life Stages in Bazi

20. Xie Zi Fa 些子法

21. Anatomy of a Chinese Calendar Almanac

22. QMDJ and Date Selection

23. Great Galloping Heavenly Horse

24. Hetu Luoshu Qi Flow (Part 1)

25. Hetu Luoshu Qi Flow (Part 2)

26. Bazi Earthly Branches Relationships

27. True North and Magnetic North

28. Mangpai Bazi

29. Strong or Weak Day Master

30. Symbolism in Fengshui

31. 一命﹐二運﹐三風水﹐四道德﹐五讀書。


If you have any feedback on my articles, feel free to contact me at Facebook at the following URL:-


With Love & Gratitude,

Ke Wen Qing



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