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When. What. Who. Why.


There is an common ancient Chinese saying of “First Destiny, Second Luck and Third Fengshui ( 一命、二运、三风水 ) . This phrase simply means that every man and women is affected largely by these 3 factors of destiny, luck and fengshui, in this descending order. Out of these 3 factors, destiny and luck are pre-determined at the time of our birth and cannot be changed while the application of fengshui is largely a choice left to us. Since destiny and luck cannot be changed, it makes sense for us to understand the destiny and luck that is pre-programmed into our lives, so that we understand ourselves better, recognized our past and therefore better prepare ourselves for the future. Therefore the art of analyzing destiny and luck is called Destiny Analysis, also commonly known as fortune telling or astrology by the layman.

The two most common systems used in destiny analysis are the Four Pillars of Destiny ( 四柱八字 ) and Zi Wei Dou Shu ( 紫微斗数 ) . Four Pillars of Destiny is also known as Bazi because Bazi in Chinese means eight characters. It is a simple chart formed using eight Chinese characters into two rows and four columns.


These four columns forms four vertical pillars of two characters each, stack one on top of the other and therefore it is commonly known as Four Pillars of Destiny in the English speaking world. The eight Chinese characters are calculated based a person's date and time of birth using the Chinese solar calendar.

Zi Wei Dou Shu ( 紫微斗数 ) , another popular astrology system, is a system based on a group of astrological virtual stars. These stars are arranged into a twelve palace grid chart in a certain patterns determined by calculations based on a person's date and time of birth using the Chinese lunar calendar.

Many experienced destiny analysts usually use both systems to foretell your fate and luck. It is also a prerequisite skill for feng shui practitioners because the effect of fengshui on the occupants of a premise will be greatly affected by the current luck cycle of the people staying or working in the premise.


Click here for a online 4P charting tool.

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