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Mysterious Divine Oracle


Common divination ( 占卜 ) or prediction techniques in Chinese metaphysics include using the Book of Changes or Yijing 易经 , Liu Yao ( 六爻易卦 ) , Da Liu Ren ( 大六壬 ) and Mei Hua Yi Shu ( 梅花易数 ) . Counting rice grains or throwing three coins and consulting the Yijing text for guidance is a better known method practiced widely outside the countries of China , Taiwan , Hong Kong and South East Asia , especially in the western countries. But for serious practitioners in these countries of China , Taiwan and Hong Kong , Liu Yao ( 六爻易卦 ) and Mei Hua Yi Shu ( 梅花易数 ) are also widely used in addition to the classical academic method of interpreting the Yijing text.


A basic component of these methodologies involves the use of eight trigrams ( 八卦 ) and sixty four hexagrams ( 大卦 ) . A recent method that is gaining popularity in recent years is to use the 4 pillars of destiny chart or bazi chart for divination ( 八字神卦 ) . Either 4 pillars or 5 pillars can be used to predict many various events. Other lesser known method is to use the modern day poker cards for divination, similar to the western tarot cards.

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