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Feng Shui

Location. Direction. Time.


Feng shui ( 风水 ) was formerly known as geography ( 地理学 ) in its early form in China . It is basically a study of external environmental Qi ( 气 ) and it stresses on the impact of external landscapes affecting the house and its occupants.

Traditional term like Luan Tou ( 峦头 ) or Xing Fa ( 形法 ) is used to describe this form is study. Later another branch of fengshui theories evolved into a more mathematical based science called Li Qi ( 理气 ) , using formulae to calculate and predict the flow of Qi based on time, location and direction factors.

Terms like Forms School and Compass School are commonly but erroneously used to differentiate these two major branches of fengshui systems from one another. In fact there are many systems and sub-systems of feng shui. The common ones are San He, San Yuen, Xuan Kong Da Gua, Xuan Kong Fei Xing, Xuan Kong Liu Fa, Ba Zhai. There are also ones that branches off from the main stream system and fall under the various lineage of famous masters.


Feng shui is the third important factor that affects us after our destiny and luck. With good feng shui of your home and working environment, it can help to improve your lives even though you are not born with the best destiny and luck that you hope for. Feng shui is not a magical art that will make you rich or successful overnight. It is just the little extra boost that you can apply to help you gain the advantage in terms of health, wealth or relationship. If your luck is down, it can lessen the impact; if your luck is good, it can give you a little boost. You can think of it as a fuel additive that gives a car better performance and mileage but it will not turn it into a super car if it not what it was in the first place.



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