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Seeing is Believing.

  Below are some of my collectibles and tools that I uses in my practice.  



Luopan (罗盘) is a Chinese compass specifically designed for fengshui use. Compared to a Western compass, the Luopan magnetic needle is south pointing instead of north pointing. It has a square base and a round rotating disc, with the magnetic needle mounted at the centre. The square base represents Earth while the round disc represents Heaven. This is because the Chinese traditionally believed that people live on a stationary flat land with the sky or heaven circulating above them.

Luopan are categorised into three basic types. The San He (三合) luopan, San Yuen (三元) luopan and the Zong He (综合) Luopan. The San He (三合) luopan can be easily recognized by the three rings of the 24 mountains (二十四山), offset from each other by 7.5 degrees. These are the Earth ring, Heaven ring and the Man ring. Each of these rings has its own specific usage. It also has other rings besides these 3 main 24 mountain rings for various formulae. The San Yuen (三元) luopan is characterised by having rings of the 64 hexagrams in both Chinese characters or hexagrams symbols. The third type is a combination of the San He and San Yuen luopan. Is has 3 rings of 24 mountains as well as rings of hexagrams. Some fengshui masters designed their own Luopan with the rings of formulae that they use often in their practice.



Beginner practitioners of fengshui sometimes opt to use a normal camping compass for fengshui audit. For better result, a high precision sighting compass such as the SUNNTO KB-14 is recommended. They are of high built quality and it can be used to measure up to a difference of 0.5 degree. A mounting screw hole at the bottom also allows it to be mounted on a normal camera tripod. Certain models are specially calibrated for use in certain parts of the world only to compensate for different magnetic declination. For professionals, a special laser sighting device mounted on a customised luopan are sometimes used. They are expensive and can cost up to SGD 2,000.00


Trifield Meter

This 3-axis meter measure electrical field, magnetic field and radio/microwaves. A knob allows you to select what type of field you want to measure.

Tri-Field Meter


ELF Zone Gauss Meter

This small handy meter only measure electromegnetic field in a single axis and indicate the signal strength by 3 LED indicators showing SAFE, CAUTION and DANGER. This meter is also a favourite among ghosthunters.

Gauss Meter


Air Ion Counter

This meter is a portable meter that measures the concentration of air ions. A knob allows you to either measure positive ions or negative ions in the air through an intake inlet at the top and then exhaust the air at the bottom. Correct grounding of the meter is required before you start measuring.

Air Ion Counter



Early Heaven Bagua Colour Cuff Link


Taiji Cuff Link without Dots


Old Chinese Coin Cuff Link


Compass Cuff Link


Another Early Heaven Bagua Cuff Link


Another Taiji Cuff Link


Chinese Motif Cuff Link



Hilti PD 4 Laser Range Meter

A tool to accurately measure room dimensions to an accuracy of 2mm using a 635nm class 2 laser beam over a range of 70 meters. Useful to verify floor plan and to draw accurate room layout. Very easy to use.


Precision Surveying Compass

An accurate surveying instrument to measure direction using a highly sensitive magnetic needle in a 70mm diameter compass with induction damper and an optical 12X adjustable telescope. Dual spirit level on compass face to ensure horizontal levelling. The accuracy is up to 5 minutes (0.083 degree) using a Vernier scale. It comes with a lightweight 3-leg, 3-stage metal tripod with a built-in plumb bob (plummet) to ensure accurate positioning.









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