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FSC Luopan


Below is a Zonghe Luopan designed by Cyril Quah incorporating various formula from different schools.

Some of the formula rings in this unique Luopan include:

Heaven's Pool
Early Heaven Bagua Image
Later Heaven Bagua Names
Ba Yao Sha
Huang Quan Sha
Earth Plate 24 Mountain with Replacement Stars
Earth Plate 120 Dragons with Nayin Elements
Earth Plate 72 Dragons
Earth Plate 60 Dragons with Elements
Man Plate 24 Mountains with Elements (Master Lai's formula)
Heaven Plate 24 Mountains (Master Yang's formula)
Heaven Plate 120 Dragons with Nayin Elements
24 Solar Divisions (Sun Arrive at Mountain formula)
12 Life Stages (Sanhe formula)
Castle Gate
Inside Castle Gate
8 Mansions
Purple White formula
Dragon Gate 8 Formations with Water Mouth
Jiu Xing Fan Gua Najia (include 5 Ghosts Carry Treasure formula)
Outer Plate 64 Hexagram (for Xuan Kong Dagua application)
64 Jia Zi
64 Years with Ming Gua
Out of Gua Trigrams
384 Yaos (include auspicious and inauspicious yaos)
28 Lunar Mansions
64 divisions by degrees
360 degrees divisions
plus other special formula not disclosed here


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