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Tables and Charts


Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branches

Heaven Stems Transformation & Control

Earthly Branches 3 Combination

Earthly Branches 6 Combination

Earthly Branches 6 Harm

Earthly Brancges 6 Clashes

Earthly Branches 3 Meeting

Earthly Branches Penalty

60 Jia Zi & Void Branches

Seasonal Strength of Elements

12 Life Stage of Earthly Branches

5 Tiger Chasing the Month

5 Rat Chasing the Hour

Day Stem Symbolic Stars

Year Branch Symbolic Stars

Month Branch Symbolic Stars

Day Branch Symbolic Stars


Ba Zhai

Xuan Kong Purple White

Water Methods and Shen Sha

Qi Men Dun Jia and Da Liu Ren

Xuan Kong Da Gua

Tong Sheng and Zodiac


Divine Oracle

Chinese Classics

Qi Zheng Si Yu

Inauspicious Dates

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