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Xuan Kong Da Gua   智贤庄奇门遁甲  

Xuan Kong Da Gua

64 Hexagrams


Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui ( 玄空大卦风水 ) is a system of determining auspicious or inauspicious door direction and location with reference to hexagrams and hexagram lines (yao) while Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection ( 玄空大卦择日 ) is an advanced method of date selection determining auspicious or inauspicious date for a person using his birth date and the Four Pillars or Bazi of the date selected. The basic theory behind this method is to determine a date where the energy of the Xuan Kong elements of the year, month and hour supports the day selected.


This energy is then analysed to determine whether it is good for the Xuan Kong element of the person based on his birth date. Fundamental concepts used in the analysis include the sixty Jia Zi ( 甲子 ) , hexagrams ( 大卦 ) , birth and destruction cycles of the five elements ( 五行 ) , Hetu ( 河图 ) elements and certain symbolic stars ( 神煞 ) .


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